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Your email address will not be published. Dakota Access Pipeline re-routed. Lone Wolf T he epic story of the life-changing experience of two Lakota brothers continues in book two, Grey Wolf, as they are exposed to the progressive incursion of European settlers upon their ancestral lands. Howahkan is forced to confront the scourge of buffalo hunting and the aggression of ruthless military attempts at tribal subjugation, while Takoda is torn between the life he is developing with Carla and the obligation he feels to expose the forces behind the systematic extermination of the sacred buffalo herds.

The book comes out in May but is now available for preorder. Remember, signed books make unique gifts! Thirteen Orphans will be released in paperback a month earlier, so those of you who covet hard covers should make sure to get them soon.

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You can enjoy discussing works past, present, and future with like-minded readers, without feeling as if someone is looking over your shoulder. The topics range from mah jong, to how I write, to my reactions to various book covers. A few international readers have let me know that their copies have been shipped. My subjects will be—at least at the start—some of the very cool background material that went into my forthcoming novel Thirteen Orphans.

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The first three installments are:. Take a look!

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November 11th, will see Thirteen Orphans hit the stores. Nine Gates is tentatively scheduled for an August release. See my Appearances page for new events extending into ! A sample is now available for your reading pleasure. Please keep checking, because with the release of Thirteen Orphans this November, there will certainly be other events. One of them might bring me into your area!

There are two new entries: the increasingly rare hardcover of Child of a Rainless Year, and the hard cover edition of the fifth Firekeeper novel, Wolf Hunting. You may also find other books available at lower prices than you expect. Signing is provided at no additional charge. Signed books make great, unique gifts!

Thirteen Orphans is definitely set for a November release. The first book, Thirteen Orphans, will be out in November of Also, I accidentally deleted some fan mail when dealing with an overload of spam.

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My deepest apologies if you are one of those to whom I fail to give a personal reply. Keep checking for sample chapters, cover art, and other information. Pro have severed their agreement, leaving the Firekeeper graphic novel project somewhere in limbo. Also, my long-time editor, Teresa Nielsen Hayden is no longer full-time at Tor Books, and so is no longer my editor. My new editor is Melissa Singer, head of Tor Forge. Cover art is in progress, and looks very cool. See FAQ if you want to know more. Greenberg for their anthology Future Americas. It involves a complicated mixture of genetic engineering, social engineering, and saber toothed tigers….

Pro and Marvel Comics. Why did I pick Chapter Two? Well, part of Chapter One is already available as a teaser at the back of the mass market edition of Wolf Hunting. I figured the more the merrier! The show begins at p. Take the opportunity to call in with your questions! Telephone for details or directions. Come and join us for conversation and snacks! More about that visit on the Wolf Bits page. The story will appear in the anthology Man VS. Machine edited by John Helfers and Martin H. Look for a release in March of Wolf Hunting Wolf Series 5 should be hitting the shelves any time now.


The number for calls is Tor has bought three books in a new series. In this second installment of The Dancing Wolf, Kayla and her girls get a heavy dose of the trials of the real world, homophobia, and love. Transitioning from a monogamous relationship to a family of four is only the beginning for Kayla and her girls. In order to abandon their college dorms to move in together, the foursome must now face the world and their families.

Creating a home together may destroy them, or open up the doors of immeasurable beauty and joy. By being able to stay true to herself and her values, no matter the number of temptations and calamities that seem to befall her, Kayla quickly rises to iconic status, further opening career paths in the entertainment industry. While trying to enjoy the riches of their labors and planning to start having children, Kayla and her wives have to balance a hectic schedule and complicated relationships.

Suspicions of disloyalty will mount, tensions will flare, and very shocking truths will be learned. Going home for the summer family gathering will mark the start of a real family life for Kayla and her girls. But to walk through those doors, Kayla will have to befriend an enemy, and put her personal comforts aside. Deciding to jump into the entertainment industry will either be a golden ticket to a wonderful life for her family, or will push the girls too far. Although Kayla and her wives have experienced some strong negativity within their families for their lifestyle, they have mostly been blessed with a strong support system. A huge gathering with friends and family to celebrate the birth of their twins will bring new friendships and plans to bring the tribes closer together.

Events and people from the past will resurface, bringing a mixed bag of joy and opportunities, but mostly devastation that will impact the entire family. Book 1: Brooke and Hannah Upon a Wishing Flower.

Wolf Spirit 3.5 (Jonathan And Hiro’s Backstory)

On the outside, Brooke Dunning is a staunch professional, and very successful in her career as an advertising agent. The encounter presents Brooke with the possibility of true and lasting love, but allowing a romantic relationship with a client could cost Brooke her job. A single morning of taking pictures for her new client will change everything. Brooke will learn about an unpunished crime that will force her to relive her painful past as a crime scene photographer. Book 2: Brooke and Hannah Upon a Snowfall.

Major opportunities and career changes will affect both of them, while they pursue starting a photography business together. An invitation out of town will gain them a couple of new friends and promising futures of love and support. Taming the Tramp - Jack Hart is a self-proclaimed butch-lesbian with short hair, many ear piercings, and even more tattoos. That is, if you go based off of mainstream opinions on appearance, which Jack has no patience for. Jack lives by the rules of not judging others and not living her life controlled by the judgments of others.

However, Jack is very firm on a couple of rules, and every woman she brings home to her decked out luxury sex den all know the rules.

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