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Hiding from the Robomen, David, Susan and the Doctor see them set up a bomb and leave. The Doctor, still too weak from being drugged, collapses, and David uses some quick thinking to disarm the bomb. He and Susan try to find an escape route through the sewers while the Doctor rests, and they are found by Tyler. After collecting the Doctor, who is starting to feel better, they escape the city and head for the mining operation.

David and Susan start falling in love, but keep it a secret from the others. Meanwhile, Dortmun, Jenny and Barbara make their way to an abandoned museum also used by the resistance as a hideout. Dortmun, after leaving his notebook for Barbara to find, confronts the Daleks, sacrificing himself so that the women have a chance to escape. They get an old truck working and crash their way through the Daleks, heading for the mining operations as Barbara is convinced that that is where the Doctor would go.

They make it most of the way there before the truck is destroyed by a Dalek saucer. At the mine, Ian and Larry escape the saucer and meet workers named Wells and Ashton; the latter is killed by an aggressive creature called a Slyther , a pet of the Black Dalek. The predator then falls from a suspended mine cart that Ian and Larry use to try to get away from it, and down a mineshaft to its death.

The Daleks send the mine cart down the shaft before Ian and Larry can climb out, and they are plummeted down in the cart to the mine operations far underground. The Doctor and his party arrive at the cliffs overlooking the mine, and he sends David and Susan on a mission to the far side of the cliffs to interfere with the radio signals the Daleks use to communicate with each other and the Robomen. The Doctor and Tyler begin climbing down into the mine.

Barbara and Jenny find a hovel and, seeking shelter, meet two ragged women who are allowed to live on their own because they make clothing for the human slaves at the mine. These women pretend to befriend Barbara and Jenny before reporting them to the Daleks in return for food. The Daleks collect Barbara and Jenny and send them to work in the mine.

After Larry is killed by his brother, who has been turned into a Roboman, Ian hides in the mine, eventually finding Wells again, and also seeing Barbara from a distance. Before he can get to her, however, he ends up hiding and being trapped in a capsule filled with explosives. Barbara uses Dortmun's notebook to bluff the Daleks into believing she has information about an imminent uprising and demands to speak with the Black Dalek. When she and Jenny are brought before it, they discover that the Daleks are drilling through the Earth 's crust so that they can blow out its core with a penetrative explosive capsule and then use a guidance system to pilot the planet around space.

As the Daleks set the capsule in position and start the countdown, Ian scrambles the wiring inside the capsule, disarming it. When the shaft opens beneath the capsule, he escapes, but a Dalek cuts the rope he uses and he tumbles halfway down the shaft, stopping at a small access node. Leaving by the node, he jams a cord of wood across the shaft opening, preventing a re-armed explosive capsule from moving further down the shaft. While Barbara creates a diversion spinning a wild story about an uprising involving "the Boston Tea Party", "General Lee's forces" and "Hannibal attacking from the Alps", Jenny tries to corrupt the machine which controls the Robomen and send them new orders.

The Daleks catch them and, after rearming the capsule and launching it, trap the two in the control room to be killed in the explosion. The Doctor and Tyler, hiding outside the control room, enter when the Daleks leave and free Barbara and Jenny. Using the Daleks' scanners, they find David and Susan, who destroy the radio beacon, leaving the Robomen adrift and causing a temporary overload within the Daleks, who short circuit.

Barbara and the Doctor give new orders to the Robomen to destroy the Daleks, and with the help of the Robomen, Wells and Tyler lead the human slaves in rebellion, destroying the inert Daleks and escaping the mine. Ian reunites with his friends and, before the capsule explodes, they all escape back up the cliffs to rejoin Susan and David. The bomb destroys the Dalek fleet and causes an entirely new phenomenon — a volcanic eruption in England.

Susan has worn a hole in her shoe and the Doctor talks of mending it for her, but seems preoccupied and sad. Susan is also awkward, and after the Doctor goes back into the ship, she and David walk a short distance away. Declaring his love for her, David begs Susan to stay and marry him, saying he will give her a place to belong and a rooted identity, which earlier she told him she wanted to have someday.

Susan agonises and protests that David is making her choose between him and her grandfather. Tearfully she says she must leave, but admits that she loves him. Suddenly, the TARDIS doors slam shut, and the Doctor, with Ian and Barbara at his side, bids Susan an emotional farewell, telling her that although they have always taken care of each other up until now, she is a grown woman and deserves a normal life with David.

The blue box disappears, and Susan, stunned, steps where it had been.

Christopher Eccleston: ‘I gave Doctor Who a hit show and then they put me on a blacklist'

David says that the Doctor must have known she would not leave him, and so chose to leave her. This was the very first serial of Doctor Who that made extensive use of location filming, with London being chosen as the primary backdrop. The decision to use London also helped to keep the show within its production budget given that the BBC's Lime Grove studios where Doctor Who was produced were located at nearby Shepherd's Bush. Location filming took place in various parts of the city including extensive sequences at Whitehall , Trafalgar Square , Westminster Bridge , Albert Embankment and The Royal Albert Hall , moving on to Kensington and the Albert Memorial with scenes involving the Dalek roadblock being filmed at Wembley.

These scenes were shot in the early hours of Sunday mornings. The music was composed and conducted by Francis Chagrin. The story has at times been called World's End , most notably in the frontispiece of its novelisation. This is the title of the first episode [7] and was applied to the story as a whole by the Radio Times 10th anniversary special and several lists that copied it.

The story begins in the real World's End area of Chelsea in London. William Hartnell is absent from episode four, bar a single shot in the reprise from episode three.

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Hartnell was injured while filming the battle at the Dalek saucer in episode three, and most of his lines went to David Campbell. According to commentary on the DVD release, the man carrying Hartnell down the saucer's ramp dropped him and he hit his head on a metal camera pedestal. Warwick went on to appear as the First Doctor's robotic double in the later Dalek serial, The Chase Nicholas Smith appears in his first speaking role in television. Bernard Kay portrays Carl Tyler and also provides the voiceover on the longer of the two surviving BBC trailers for this story.

According to Carole Ann Ford , she became tired of the role of Susan and decided to leave the programme because the producers would not let her expand and develop the character.

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Paul Cornell , Martin Day , and Keith Topping wrote of the serial in The Discontinuity Guide , "There are some wonderful exterior sequences, with giddy scenes of Daleks on Westminster Bridge and in Trafalgar Square they've added lettering of their own to various monuments. The only thing that lets down the vast production values is the Slyther Obvious Dan Dare stuff, but done with such hallucinatory conviction that the end result is very impressive.

Howe and Stephen James Walker said that the story "surely ranks as one of the series' all-time greats", with impressive scripting and location filming despite some clumsy direction. They also praised the "poignant and moving" final scene.

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However, he pointed out that the ambition had "consequences" in the form of production shortcomings. Club reviewer Christopher Bahn wrote that the serial had not "aged well at all" because it was "frequently slow-paced and suffers badly from his penchant for deliberately running out the clock by throwing in long, meandering subplots". He felt that Nation was not interested in the Daleks as characters and the Robomen were "more interesting conceptually than in execution", and that the dramatic impact of Susan's departure was "wasted" because the Doctor chose for her.

Despite that, he called the first episode and cliffhanger "excellent" and noted how the serials' characterisation of the Doctor was echoed through the history of the show. A novelisation of this serial, written by Terrance Dicks , was published by Target Books in This version featured cover art based on the film rather than the TV series. A French translation by Ronald C.

The cover depicts the controversial twin French physicists Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff as presenting the book. This story was released on VHS in These included the option to view the story with certain special effects sequences optionally replaced with newly created CGI. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Doctor William Hartnell First Doctor. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Good for you India is not a race or religion it is a union of many states with different cultures and languages just like Pakistan. No one is forever indian just because their land was under the same rule once.

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