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Paramedic Marcus Weston is losing it. He thought he had a handle on it but not even boozing, partying and wild women are helping this Casanov Fashion student Lacey Weston is desperate to leave the city and go home to Jumbuck Springs. They made a death bed promise to their mother that Lacey would stay the distance at design school and Ethan, Big time.

When ex hi When sensible schoolteacher Ella Lucas rides into her home town on a Harley and seduces the resident football hero, Jake Prince, she figures she can be forgiven and move on. After all, she's just buried her mother. Two years later, back in the city, t A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint She craves what only he can give her. But he's not giving in without a fight Veterinarian Sal Kennedy's lost her mojo and is desperate to get it back.

In fact, as the anniversary of the trag A stolen kiss in the ER Five years ago brooding ex-military medic Gareth Stapleton lost his beloved wife to breast cancer.

My ex-love wants a one-night stand... I’m married but feel so tempted

Since then he's kept his distance from everything and everyone. Until Dr. Billie Ashworth-Keyes waltzes into his life and t Taylor is being threatened by a stalker in New York. Rick Forrester is in town for Fashion Week and insists on helping her through this trauma. They enjoy their days together but when they kiss in Central Park, the moment is 'snapped' by the paparazzi Steffy is back. A year in Paris has cemented her resolve to get over Liam and her miscarriage, and her first step is to resign from Forrester Creations.

She is surprised when Bill offers her a job. Is this what she wants?

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Hoping to convince her it is He's done playing the nice guy To her mortification, her best friend's gorgeous older brother Mack finds it But when Josie It's supposed to be all hands on deck…not on each other! To Claudia Davis, her Australian beach hotel is paradise. To her business partner, Luke Hargreaves, it's a burden he's desperate to shake off!

One Night Stand Simulator

Then a cyclone hits, and it's down to them bo Detective Lenny Shane is a tough, and instinctual Homicide Detective. He is anxiously on the verge of announcing his retirement, when a psychotic murderer initiates a long awaited game of cat and mouse with him. Lenny is devastated when he figures ou From bestselling author Amy Andrews comes a new single-title romance about putting pleasure before business, and the risks we all need to take when we find someone worth risking everything for.

Samantha Evans's life is going to hell. Not only has she Step behind the hotel room doors of The Chatsfield, London Johanna Windsor has one rule: not sleeping with Ed Garrison tonight. Yes, he's mouthwateringly sexy, and yes as bridesmaid and best man they should be the perfect match. But falling into Reunited with his past… Running the Hunter Clinic's charity operation has given surgeon and ex-soldier Ethan Hunter a new lease on life. His reconstructive work with wounded soldiers and civilians helps block out his army traumas.

But when Ethan Her million-pound question! Supermodel Ava Kelly is more used to luxury yachts than London canal boats. But she desperately needs a refuge from the paparazzi and delectable Blake Walker's boat will provide the perfect bolt-hole. This brooding ex Rule 1 for Dr. Cade Coleman: redeem his heartbreaker reputation! That's why this drop-dead sexy playboy has moved to Gold Coast City Hospital, leaving a scandal in New York far behind him.

But the delicious Dr. Callie Richards has him falling at Talk nerdy to me Samuel Tucker is absolutely the last person scientist Cassie Barclay would ever date. Yes, he's gorgeous, but he's also far too cocky for his own good and thinks that Pi is a tasty afternoon treat. So when he asks her to dance at One night to rewrite the rule book!

Spontaneity is not in Miranda Dean's vocabulary. Life as a single mum with a demanding career leaves no time for anything impulsive. But that's before the appearance of the delectable Dr.

Full text of "The temptation of St. Anthony"

Patrick Costello! Journalist Sadie Bliss is on a mission to prove herself as a world-class reporter. But three things stand in her way Dangerously mouthwatering photographer Kent Nelson-he's far too brooding and arrogant. A road trip across Their relationship is hospital legend… Without uttering a word, Evie Lockheart knew it was over. And the only way she could eve For once reality "is" sexier than fiction Author Stella Mills has writers' block.

Her swashbuckling debut romance was a mega-hit-and the world is crying out for a sequel. Problem is, her sexy-as-sin hero was based on childhood friend Rick Granvil Real estate tycoon Nathaniel Montgomery is one deal away from making his first billion and fulfilling a promise to his dying father. Nothing will stop himfrom tearing down the decrepit St. Agnes hospital and erecting posh condos in its place. Not eve Facing her estranged husband, Fletcher, was always going to be heartbreaking for nurse Tessa King.

Especially as Fletcher has one last favor to ask -- with his mother critically ill, he needs Tessa to pretend tragedy never tore their marriage apart. Rules are made to be broken Ali doesn't do reckless, and she certainly doesn't do one-night stands -- until one intoxicating night with the most lethally attractive man she's ever laid eyes on More shocking still, when Ali meets One night in the on-call room can never be enough for this couple!

Regular lovemaking is Dr. Luca DiAngelo's preferred antidote t Jess's Diary At least catching my housemate, Dr.

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Adam Carmichael -- bachelor and my secret crush extraordinaire -- in my bed! For years, Adam's been one hundred percent off-limits if ever a man needed a revolving The trouble with temptation! Juggling life as a stand-in mom, Grace is already under fire before meeting new boss Brent Cartwright. Brent's the ex who has always held more of her heart than she'd ever want him to know. As impossible as he was Nurse Callie Duncan tells herself she's finally put the pieces of her life back together.

Then drop-dead-gorgeous world-renowned psychologist Sebastian Walker arrives at her hospital Seb recognizes the pain behind Callie's beautiful face and f One dance When Paige Donald buttons up her silk bridesmaid dress she feels beautiful for the first time in years -- giving her the courage to take deliciously dangerous Valentino Lombardi's hand on the dance floor. One kiss Paige spends one incr Italian surgeon Alessandro Lombardi had it all -- distinguished career, newborn heir, beautiful wife.

But that life is gone forever now, and he and his little boy have come to Australia to start over. Things start looking up when bubbly nanny and Eight years ago paramedic Lawson Dunlop had a maverick reputation. Then he became a single dad! Since that day, when a little pink bundle captured his heart, Lawson's daughter, Matilda, has been everything to him. Victoria Dunleavy fell hopelessly Pediatric nurse Maggie Green is devoted to the children on the intensive care ward at Brisbane's Children's Hospital.

Nash Reece is a top-notch doctor with a reputation as a heartbreaker. He's attracted to Maggie -- and, for the first time, one ni Successful and sexy, Nathan Trent is a man who has everything except the wife he loved and lost! Now he wants her back … to help secure a vital business deal … and Jacqui reluctantly agrees. From ugly duckling to beautiful bride Dressed in her shapeless lab coats and baggy clothes, medical-research assistant Izzy Nolan doesn't look like she was once a top model. But ever since the tragic incident that left her emotionally and physical It began with a magical midnight kiss at a New Year's Ball She can't risk her heart on a single father again.

But she's already fallen for hi Nurse Rilla Winters is shocked to learn the new E. It's been seven years since they drifted apart after her miscarriage, but the reappearance of Luca Romano, in all his dark-haired, flashing-eyed Italian One magical night They were strangers--but in his arms, Beth Rogers forgot her past for one amazing night.

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From the depths of Sarco- phagi, I heard doleful voices arise, and call my name; or else, I suddenly beheld the abom- inable things painted upon the walls live and move; and I fled away to the shore of the Red Sea, and took refuge in a ruined citadel. There my only companions were the scorpions dragging themselves among the stones, and the eagles continually wheeling above my head, in the blue'of heaven. Once I was even rescued by the peo- ple of a caravan going to Alexandria; and they took me away with them.

Although blind, none equalled him in the knowledge of the Scriptures.

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When the lesson was finished, he used to ask me to give him my arm to lean upon, that we might walk together. Then I would conduct him to the Paneum, whence may be seen the Pharos and the open sea. Then we would return by way of the post, elbowing men of all nations, even Cimmerians clad in the skins of bears and Gymnosophists of the Ganges anointed with cowdung.