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Make friends and be a friend. Learn to conserve. Even though at this time you may not actually need to conserve things like electricity and water but in the future, you may need to know someday how to survive on less than what you are used to. So find ways around your home to use less water or discover items that will help you use less electricity.

Think Outside The Box

These are easy things that you can start with to become more self-sufficient, no matter where you live or what your situation is. If you are working towards trying to become more self-sufficient than print out this list and get started! Do you think you can work on these things over the next 30 days?


In the meantime, we also have some other great articles here on Little House Living that you might want to check out on the same topic. What are some things that you think anyone can do to become more self sufficient? This blog post on how to be more self sufficient was originally published on Little House Living in July It has been updated as of January What great ideas.

I enjoy your blog so much. We both win — ending up with food for storage! LOL, although I do ask for the jars back to use for the next season! Yes, bartering skills are very important. Oh Merissa…you know you are going to have to can something this summer. You will miss hearing the ping of those jars sealing! I have been in a 32 ft fifth wheel for two years now. I do all the prep in the kitchen for sanitary reasons but the water bath and pressure canner will not fit on my stove. It also takes too long to boil the water and then it heats up the house for way too long.

Homesteading in the 21st century - off grid

Simple solution… a propane Coleman portable BBQ. They fold up to take camping and tailgating! I bought one for my husband for his anniversary a few years back. Win, win for me!!! You know, I have thought of the same thing…I am really thinking of getting an old electric stove that I can put out in our garage, to do the canning with.. I think I can make the area just as clean as the house.. I have a glass top stove and my pressure canner says not to use it on a glass top stove.

So I bought a Bayou cooker with a propane bottle. It works great outdoors. I am old enough to remember when my mother prepared the old Kerosine lamps each night to furnish light, and when she did clothes she heated the water in an old wash tub, and scrubbed the clothes on a washboard. She hung the clothes on a line, having no dryer, and each day she fired up the cook stove to cook breakfast, and the same for several other meals for the day.

We had no refrigerator but we did have a smoke house for the pork that was butchered in the fall. The pork was salted down and store down on tables in the smoke house.

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The cows milk from our cow was stored in a cooling house that was built on the lower level of the smoke house, and thats how food was kept cold even in summer, because this building was built with thick walls and was very cold year round. I bring a lot of these ideas into my life, although i do have modern conveniences and i cut costs everywhere I can by making everything from scratch, and shopping for food much like they did back then before we had electricity and all the modern conveniences.

There were gallons of apple butter, and also sorgum mollasses made from the sugar cane and a community syruping took place in the fall, the product was put in sealed tin cans and distributed to those in the neighborhood who grew and made the syrup and participated in the making of it and that was the majority of our sweetner for the winter. And of course in the spring the sugar maples in the woods was tapped and the sap was gathered to cook down into pure maple syrup. I made taffy from the sorgum mollasses. I know what goes into the baking mix I put together and I am adding lots of whole grain to the basic unbleached flour to give it more nutrition.

Keep up the good work because some of the younger people who read your blog needs to learn how to be more self suficient and i think they want someon to teach them the old skills. Rosemary, you are awesome! I wish I could come learn from you too! We heat with coal.

We do our best live live a country life in our small apartment in a small urban city. Acquire the things necessary to hunt and fish. I know many people are uncomfortable with guns, bows, etc. We buy our equipment at yard sales and clearance bins off season. Make a point to know where nearby bodies of water and rivers are so if you need to fish to survive, you will know where to go. Supplement your current food needs! My husband recently learned that many meds used by veterinarians are the same as meds we are often prescribed by our own doctors. He asked our dr. This is a good idea in case of some sort of meltdown.

How to Get From City to Farm or Ranch

Also, buying grains from farmers and storing them to use with your own grinder is a good idea. You can also go to a pet store that sells fish. They have the same antibiotics that are given to humans for sale there. Purchasing in bulk from a vet supply is the best cost effective plan but if you need them in a hurry the pet shop is handy.

Keep up the nice work! Who needs power?

How To Be More Self Sufficient – Tips For Anyone

As long as we have wood and a creative mind we can replace eletricty cooktops. You can boil water over an open fire or use a box stove, plus you can use heat from your fire for dehydrating. And never forget about root cellars for storing food for the winter. Country Boy Will Survive. Store toilet paper! Speaking of newspaper- keep a good supply of those free newspapers handy.

It can be used to suppress weeds in a garden and be used to insulate a home or be worn under a coat in an emergency. Know how to handle medical emergencies for yourself and your livestock. Or get a copy of the Merck manual. Order meds online. A previous poster mentioned using vet-labled meds for humans. She is entirely correct. Know which eds treat simple illnesses and follow dosing instructions. I use coupons to stock up on basic needs in case of emergencies. I try to have at least 6 months worth of nonperishables but my goal is a years worth. I realize that its much easier for us living on 80 acres with all the wood we need and plenty of room for animals and gardens but we still are having to make ourselves put out the effort and stop relying on others for everything.