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Once your retirement visa is nearing expiration, you will need to apply for a visa extension. This application is similar to the initial application with some additional requirements. For example, you will need to provide proof of address, copies of a bank statement and pictures of every page of your passport.

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Residents of the U. Healthcare is important to factor into your budget. There is no public health insurance for expatriates in Thailand.

You will need to get private insurance. This may work for you if you plan to travel a lot or return home frequently. Once you live in Thailand for six months you will need to pay income taxes. This includes all domestic and international income. Your best bet is to work with a tax accountant to file your taxes.

1. Chiang Mai: Mountain Views and a Slower Pace of Life

Even if you can file the taxes on your own, everything is in Thai. Individuals moving to Thailand from the U. The language Thai is notably difficult to learn for those from Western countries. Thai culture is also quite different from U. The weather, which is beautiful for a few months of the year, may be too hot for the rest of the year.

During the hot season, temperatures can stay above degrees Fahrenheit for weeks at a time. And keep in mind that because Thailand is in a tropical area, the wildlife is very diverse. There are many types of insects, including mosquitoes, many types of ants and cockroaches that can fly.

There are also snakes, monitor lizards and mongooses. Keep in mind that there are also other affordable, international destinations where you can spend your retirement. There are lots of reasons why you may want to retire in Thailand. The cost of living is low, as is the cost of healthcare. There is a lot to see and do in the country.

Cost Of Living in Thailand: A Guide for Digital Nomads, Travellers & Expats

You will need to get a retirement visa, which is simple but still requires regular check-ins with immigration. You will also need separate visas or permits if you want to work, volunteer or travel out of the country at any point. Anyone considering a move should also make sure to research the Thai culture. It is not the most similar to U. I do have an international healthcare coverage, which takes care of my needs here. That takes care of my inpatient expenses.

Where To Live In Thailand | Top Cities In Thailand For Expats

I usually pay outpatient expenses out of pocket because the cost of outpatient is relatively inexpensive, so it is easy to do. I love the tropical feeling with the lush vegetation going on. There are so many places with that feel in Chiang Mai. It is like you find little oases. Like any modern center, Chiang Mai is not without its challenges.

During the hot season, local farmers burn to clear for new crops and this does impact upon the air quality. Although there are measures being taken to reduce the burning, some choose to travel during this time.

Nimmanhaemin, Chiang Mai

When it comes to the ideal beach lifestyle abroad, many expats look to Koh Samui, where the palm-lined beaches, Azure Ocean, year-round tropical weather, and affordable costs make for ultra-easy living. Just an hour-and-a-half flight from the Thai capital of Bangkok, this popular spot offers something for everyone, whether you dream of a tranquil seaside retreat or prefer frequent nights out on the town. Expats come to Koh Samui for the sea, sand, and sun, and they stay for the affordable, laidback lifestyle.

Around 2 million are exported to Bangkok and the Thai mainland each month, most of them picked by specially trained monkeys. Two million coconuts may sound like a lot, but they are also used to produce coconut oil and coconut cream, essential ingredients in Thai cooking. Everything you need is here, including coffee shops, shopping malls, and all the other necessary Western conveniences.

Today, expats flock here for the multicultural vibe and high on convenience, easy on the wallet living. In fact, international tours such as ballet, musicals, and contemporary artists make this city a global cultural hub. Due to Thai law restricting the purchase of land and homes in the country, condominiums are a popular choice. Or head a few blocks east where you can dine wharf side by candlelight and take advantage of fresh seafood Water sports and other beach activities like flying kites are on offer if you wish to really get into the local beach landscape.

For more than a decade, Hua Hin has hosted an annual jazz festival right on the beach, featuring some of the finest local and international musicians.

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  • Living in Thailand.

And in recent years, the area has seen the establishment of a successful local winery which is open for tastings. During the dry season daytime temperatures average in the 70s F. Phuket offers an easy-going lifestyle, or a club hopping, center-of-the-action one, depending on your preference.

2. What was your procedure for moving to Bangkok?

For instance, you can go for a swim and a relaxing lunch on quiet Naithon Beach or you can join the buzz in the bar-lined Patong area, where music throbs and cabaret shows continue into the night. But the biggest draw for many expats is the comfortable, convenient lifestyle. In Phuket you can enjoy some of the best seafood in the south of the country and dine at a range of gourmet restaurants, from sushi to Italian, to Indian.