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An excellent remedy for the type of person who is very industrious and tends to over-prepare. The symptoms are often at their worst between 4pm and 8pm or if they have missed a meal. Nervous exhaustion from over-study and loss of memory from fright or mortification. When you are feeling the specific stress, your remedy of choice is best taken in pillules or droplet form, as a one-off, under the tongue and away from meals, minutes before your exam. Remedies can be obtained from health stores or online suppliers. Some individuals experience "panic attacks"—very distressing episodes accompanied by breathing problems, palpitations, and intense but temporary feelings of both agitation and helplessness.

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Anxiety Homeopathy. Remedy Options Primary Remedies Aconitum napellus A panic attack that comes on suddenly with very strong fear even fear of death may indicate this remedy. Argentum nitricum This relieves apprehension or stage fright accompanied by agitation and a feeling of hurriedness. Arsenicum album People who are deeply anxious about their health, and extremely concerned with order and security, often benefit from this remedy.

Calcarea carbonica This remedy is usually indicated for dependable, solid people who become overwhelmed from physical illness or too much work and start to fear a breakdown. Kali phosphoricum When a person has been exhausted by overwork or illness and feels a deep anxiety and inability to cope, this remedy may help.

Lycopodium Individuals likely to respond to this remedy feel anxiety from mental stress and suffer from a lack of confidence. Phosphorus People who need this remedy are openhearted, imaginative, excitable, easily startled, and full of intense and vivid fears.

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Pulsatilla People who need this remedy often express anxiety as insecurity and clinginess, with a need for constant support and comforting. Other Remedies Gelsemium This relieves apprehension or stage fright accompanied by a feeling of general weakness, trembling, dizziness, headaches and difficulty to focus and recall memories.

Ignatia amara Ignatia amara relieves symptoms caused by stress or emotions, with hypersensitivity to light, noises, pain and emotions. Natrum muriaticum Deep emotions and a self-protective shyness can make these people seem reserved, aloof, and private.

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Silicea also called Silica People who need this remedy are capable and serious, yet are also nervous, shy, and subject to bouts of temporary loss of confidence. Dosage Homeopathy Dosage Directions Select the medicine that most closely matches the symptoms. Related Information. Related Topics What Is Homeopathy?

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What is homeopathy?

Previous Section: Related Information Top of the page. People suffering from these conditions will find great relief if they turn to phos. The homeopathic medication phos. People who suffer from digestive disorders owing to stress have a strong craving for chilled foods and beverages, but vomit these substances immediately when they become tepid inside the stomach. Administration of the homeopathic remedy phos. Homeopathic medicine practitioners also prescribe phos.

It is also useful for curing phlegm that is splashed with dark red blood. This homeopathic medication is also effective in providing relief from headaches which tend to deteriorate prior to a thunderstorm as well as in the case of laryngitis inflammation of the larynx.

All ailments that are distinguished by a sensation of burning pain are curable using the homeopathic remedy phos. As aforementioned, it has been found that people who need the homeopathic remedy phos. Below is a brief discussion on the condition specific uses of this homeopathic medication. Pure phosphorus, which forms the basis for the homeopathic remedy phos. Phosphorous has an illuminating property and, hence, smoulders in the dark.

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Since it is a highly inflammable substance, in its pure form known as white phosphorus , ignites easily and instinctively when it is exposed to air. In addition, phosphorus is known to be a very unstable or volatile mineral. A practical guide for nutritional and traditional health care. Homeopathy Phos. Phosphorus Phosphorus.

Homeopathy: A Healthier Way to Treat Depression?

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