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Then they must circle the two things that are being compared. This is a good way to check for understanding. Reading , Reading Strategies , Poetry. Worksheets , Assessment , Printables. Similes and Metaphors Activity Pack.

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I am so excited to share this activity pack with you! It's loaded with lots of Common Core aligned fun for your students to use to help them master the differences between similes and metaphors so they can explain their meanings. I developed this pack for my fourth graders, but it could certainly b. English Language Arts , Vocabulary. Activities , Fun Stuff , Printables.

You'll love teaching figurative language with this Similes and Metaphors PowerPoint and Worksheets set. The PPT is highly visual and has 45 slides, jam-packed with animation, sound effects, and interactive activities. Seven printable sheets, including worksheets and two mini posters, are included to.

PowerPoint Presentations , Worksheets , Printables. Similes and Metaphors Worksheets and Workbook. Teach similes and metaphors in a FUN way! This pack contains activities that will ask students to identify similes and metaphors and distinguish between them. English Language Arts , Reading , Literature.

Workbooks , Worksheets , Assessment. Simile and Metaphor Task Cards. Challenge your students to identify and interpret the meaning of common similes and metaphors with this set of 24 differentiated simile and metaphor task cards. There are two sets of the same cards, one set with the similes and metaphors underlined, and the other set without any underlining. DAILY Figurative Language includes 2 weeks of no prep printable activities, 2 reference pages related to metaphors and similes, and an answer keys.

This free figurative language product came out of a larger figurative language product that. Worksheets , Minilessons , Printables. This game contains 29 cards related to similes and metaphors. This is a great activity if you are looking for an opportunity to engage your entire class! For each topic, there is one simile card and one metaphor card. Therefore, kids have to listen carefully, and they have to be able to differentia.

Similes, Metaphors & Hyperboles: Differences, Examples & Practice for Kids

Activities , Printables , Games. Figurative Language Task Cards cover figurative language in a fun way! Enjoy this free set of 32 simile and metaphor task cards with a fun Christmas theme! My students love spending the few weeks before the holidays using fun, winter-themed activities. It gets us all in the spirit, but best of all, they are learning at the same time! This is a set of activities for teaching metaphors and similes. Students will identify each type of figurative language, find examples within text, and use them in writing.

Reading , Grammar , Vocabulary. Figurative Language is an important concept for you to teach and for students to learn! Let them practice with this fun and engaging craftivitity that students will WANT to do! Perfect for those weeks before winter break. Would make a beautiful hallway display. What do you get? Enjoy this free set of 16 simile and metaphor task cards with a fun Halloween theme!

Similes & Metaphors - Figurative language - examples of similes - Flocabulary

English Language Arts , Halloween. This is an activity to review similes and metaphors. Students will sort the comparisons and tell whether they are a similie or metaphor. Then, they will choose one of each to illustrate. Figurative Language Bundle! Idioms, multiple meaning, similes, metaphors Figurative Language: idioms, multiple meanings, similes, metaphors, personification!

It includes data tracking forms and rubrics for each season which make progress monitoring a breeze! Lesson Plans Bundled , Activities , Printables. Show 4 included products. Listen to The Grinch Song and read the included lyrics with your students. Words are the weapons with which we wound. She let such beautiful pearls of wisdom slip from her mouth without even knowing. Scars are the roadmap to the soul. The quarterback was throwing nothing but rockets and bombs in the field. We are all shadows on the wall of time. My heart swelled with a sea of tears.

When the teacher leaves her little realm, she breaks her wand of power apart. My dreams are flowers to which you are a bee. The clouds sailed across the sky.

Figurative Language Worksheets & Examples

Each flame of the fire is a precious stone belonging to all who gaze upon it. And therefore I went forth with hope and fear into the wintry forest of our life. My words are chains of lead. Metaphor Examples for Advanced Readers Here are fifty more challenging examples of metaphors. The slashes indicate line breaks. The light flows into the bowl of the midnight sky, violet, amber and rose. Men court not death when there are sweets still left in life to taste. In capitalism, money is the life blood of society but charity is the soul. So I sit spinning still, round this decaying form, the fine threads of rare and subtle thought.

Still sits the school-house by the road, a ragged beggar sunning. The child was our lone prayer to an empty sky. Grind the gentle spirit of our meek reviews into a powdery foam of salt abuse.

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Laugh a drink from the deep blue cup of sky. Think now: history has many cunning passages and contrived corridors. You are now in London, that great sea whose ebb and flow at once is deaf and loud, His fine wit makes such a wound that the knife is lost in it. Waves of spam emails inundated his inbox. He cast a net of words in garish colours wrought to catch the idle buzzers of the day.

This job is the cancer of my dreams and aspirations. This song shall be thy rose, soft, fragrant, and with no thorn left to wound thy bosom. There, one whose voice was venomed melody. A sweetness seems to last amid the dregs of past sorrows.

The olden days: when thy smile to me was wine, golden wine thy word of praise. Thy tones are silver melted into sound.

See the sun, far off, a shriveled orange in a sky gone black; Three pines strained darkly, runners in a race unseen by any. But the rare herb, Forgetfulness, it hides away from me. The field of cornflower yellow is a scarf at the neck of the copper sunburned woman Life: a lighted window and a closed door. Some days my thoughts are just cocoons hanging from dripping branches in the grey woods of my mind. Men and women pass in the street glad of the shining sapphire weather. The swan existing is a song with an accompaniment. At night the lake is a wide silence, without imagination.

The cherry-trees are seas of bloom and soft perfume and sweet perfume. From its blue vase the rose of evening drops. This world of life is a garden ravaged.