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The Best of World Poetry.

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The poets met in Tunisia in September, along with five emerging UK poets and various translators and facilitators including myself, for a chance to make connections and collaborate. Other Banks Fatma Krouma I love you more in temperate climates away from the killing sun and the long and boring Sundays. I see us here, on the other banks of life on the sands of the coastlines among the grasses of the gardens.

We plant roses in the illuminated paths and cultivate kisses on the trains arriving She wants to colour everything.

But children are not allowed crayons at the orphanage. Polina does not see, yet, that the world is unfair, the odds are stacked against her.

She is not worried. Yet she asks all her possible mothers for a box of crayons.

They promise but Please keep an eye on our events page for more information. At Dove Cottage, we celebrate poetry as a living tradition. Poetry Readings We host occasional poetry readings here at Dove Cottage featuring both established poets such as Simon Armitage and aspiring writers.

See events page. This group changed my life at a time when I felt I had nothing left. I now love to write poetry, have won awards and been published, and was Poet in Residence at the Kendal Poetry and Lakes Alive festivals.

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